Limited Edition Mirror Booths

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Make your event fun and memorable with the latest in PhotoBooth technology with our exclusive Touch Screen Limited Edition Mirror Booth!

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Perfect for weddings and corporate events, and guaranteed for hours of fun and lasting memories to treasure forever! Our open booth can fit up to 20 guests and includes Virtual Props, Emoji’s & Live Draw! Complete with our huge selection of fun props, funky costumes and signs to keep your guests entertained for hours. ​ Our Booth not only captures photos, but also Boomerangs and GIFF’s, and instantly sends them to your guests phone!

Mirror Booth Inclusions:

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Choose your favourite backdrop to compliment your wedding theme, package includes custom photographic for your guests to take home!
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Mirror Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Gone are the days of traditional photo booths; Mirror Photo Booth adds an element of interactive delight that engages your guests in a whole new way. Watch as laughter spreads, poses get wackier, and friendships are immortalized with every snapshot. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate gala, or any special occasion, a Mirror Photo Booth can become the center of attention, drawing guests of all ages into a world of captivating amusement.

With customizable frames, vibrant animations, and instant printouts, Limited Edition Band’s mirror booth and photo booth hire can bring in the fun in parties and events in Sydney CBD. The memories you create in front of the mirror will stay with you forever, reminding you of the joy, love, and camaraderie that make your event truly exceptional.

Get ready to strike a pose, express your uniqueness, and leave your event with more than just memories – leave with a collection of snapshots that tell your story with our mirror booth hire in Sydney.

Corporate Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Elevate your corporate events in Sydney with an exclusive touch of entertainment and engagement. Limited Edition Band presents a sophisticated and interactive Corporate Photo Booth experience that adds a unique flair to your business gatherings. Our state-of-the-art Mirror Photo Booth seamlessly integrates into your corporate ambiance, creating a vibrant focal point that encourages networking, camaraderie, and creative expression.

Impress your clients, partners, and employees with a memorable photo booth experience that captures the essence of your corporate event. Our meticulously designed Mirror Photo Booth is not just a source of amusement; it’s a strategic tool that promotes brand awareness and fosters connections. With customizable branding options, instant social media sharing, and high-quality prints, your corporate message resonates long after the event concludes.

Party Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Unleash the party spirit at your Sydney soirées with the ultimate Party Photo Booth experience by Limited Edition Band. Our cutting-edge Mirror Photo Booth isn’t just a photo op – it’s an entertainment centerpiece that ignites the fun and excitement of your celebration. Get ready to witness your guests striking poses, capturing memories, and creating a whirlwind of laughter that reverberates through the event.

As the heartbeat of your party, our Mirror Photo Booth offers endless customization possibilities, from themed animations to personalized props. From milestone birthdays to lively anniversaries, our Party Photo Booth adds an interactive dimension that ensures your guests are thoroughly entertained and immersed in the joyous atmosphere. Capture candid moments, let loose, and make memories that you can actually bring home to enjoy.

Private Event Photobooth Hire Sydney

Limited Edition Band extends a warm invitation to elevate your private events in Sydney through our exquisite Private Event Photobooth experience. Whether it’s an intimate family gathering, a high-spirited reunion, or a glamorous soirée, our Mirror Photo Booth is the epitome of elegance and engagement. Step into a world where every photograph tells a story and creates connections that span generations.

Our Private Event Photobooth adds a touch of sophistication to your private affairs, allowing your guests to interact, mingle, and express themselves in a uniquely personalized way. With sleek aesthetics, instant printouts, and an array of backdrop options, our Mirror Photo Booth captures the essence of your event, turning it into a treasured memory capsule for you and your loved ones.

Choose Limited Edition Band’s Mirror Photo Booth for your corporate gatherings, parties, and private events in Sydney, and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Contact us today to learn more.

What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

A Mirror Photo Booth is a cutting-edge, interactive photo-taking marvel redefining entertainment at events across Sydney. It combines the traditional joy of snapping photos with a modern, interactive twist, transforming a simple mirror into a fun, engaging experience for all ages. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, or any memorable occasion, it invites guests to take photos and be part of an unforgettable interactive experience.

A Revolution in Photo Booth Experience

Since the Limited Edition Band burst onto the scene in 2013, we’ve not only captured hearts with our music but also with our innovative event services like the Wedding Photo Booth Hire. The Mirror Photo Booth is our latest venture, a fusion of technology and fun, perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your events.

The Magic of Mirror Booths

Imagine a photo booth, but not just any booth – a full-length mirror that’s also an interactive photo-taking wonder. This isn’t just about snapping pictures; it’s an immersive experience. The Mirror Photo Booth is a standout attraction, bringing a unique twist to the conventional Wedding Photo Booth concept.

Interactive and Engaging

What sets the Mirror Photo Booth apart is its interactive features. Guests can engage with on-glass animations, use fun props, and play games. It’s an attraction that keeps you entertained beyond just taking photos.

Customisable and Personal

Every event is unique, and so should your photo booth experience. With Wedding Mirror Booth Hire, you get to customise your experience. The options are endless, from virtual props and emojis to augmented reality and background replacement. Our specialised graphics team works closely with you to design custom prints that reflect your event’s theme and style.

What Photo Booth do we use?

For capturing those unforgettable moments, we proudly use the Foto Master Mirror X Booth, an epitome of innovation in the Wedding Mirror Booth industry. This state-of-the-art booth stands out with its stunning 6-foot-tall, all-mirror design, blending elegance with technological sophistication. Ideal for any setting, be it a wedding or a corporate event, this booth is designed to impress. Its sleek build and advanced features set a new standard for what a Wedding Photo Booth should offer, ensuring every guest interaction is unique, memorable, and fun.

What Features Does the Mirror Booth Have?

The Mirror X Booth we utilise at Limited Edition Band isn’t just a photo booth; it’s a centrepiece of interactive entertainment. Here are its standout features:

  • Full-Length Mirror: Combining elegance with a high-tech touch, this 6-foot-tall mirror provides a full-length view, perfect for group photos and full-outfit captures.
  • Interactive Interface: The on-glass touch screen is for more than just taking photos. It’s an interactive playground with user-friendly animations and prompts, making every interaction enjoyable.
  • On-Glass Animations: These animations add a delightful layer of engagement, guiding guests through the photo-taking process with ease and fun.
  • Signing and Stamping Feature: Guests can personalise their photos directly on the mirror, adding signatures, drawings, or digital stamps, making each image unique.
  • Augmented Reality Options: This futuristic feature brings photos to life with digital props and effects, providing an immersive experience.
  • Customisable Backgrounds and Overlays: With the ability to change backgrounds and use custom overlays, each photo can be tailored to correspond to the theme of your event.
  • Beauty Filters: Everyone wants to look their best in photos, and the Mirror X Booth’s beauty filters ensure that guests are captured in the most flattering light.
  • High-Quality Photo Output: The booth uses a top-quality digital camera to deliver crisp, clear, print-ready images.
  • Instant Printing: Unlimited high-quality colour prints are available instantly, allowing guests to take home a memento of the occasion.
  • Digital Sharing Options: Photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs can be sent directly to guests’ phones for easy social media sharing.
  • Video Recording Capabilities: Beyond photos, the booth can capture short videos, adding an extra dimension to your collected memories.


Capture the Magic with Limited Edition Band

Ready to add a sparkling twist to your event? Contact us at Limited Edition Band for exceptional Wedding Photo Booth Hire. Our Mirror X Booth is not just a photo booth; it’s a gateway to creating lasting, lively memories.

Why Choose Us?

Our Wedding Mirror Booth offers various features – from interactive animations to instant high-quality prints and customisable backdrops. We ensure that your special moments are captured in a unique, fun, and elegant way.

Let’s Get Started

Don’t let those precious moments slip away. Reach out to us today to bring the innovative and interactive Mirror X Booth to your event. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or any celebration, we promise to make it unforgettable.