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Looking for the ideal acoustic vibe to complement your Sydney event? Limited Edition Band is the definition of entertainment in the Sydney music scene. Our soulful acoustic duo provides a  combination that compliments every occasion, from awards nights to high energy festivities. We want to spread the love of music here in Sydney with soulful acoustic singers and a broad repertoire, making every occasion exceptional! Stand out from the crowd with Sydney’s best live band!

Acoustic Wedding Band Sydney

Think about the atmosphere during a wedding day: the joy, the jitters, the silent promises. Our acoustic wedding band taps into this beautiful chaos, turning raw emotion into melodies that wrap around every guest like a warm embrace.

The Limited Edition Band are the hottest act to hit the scene, and with the sheer flexibility to offer various lineups from a Soulful Acoustic Duo to 8 Piece Live Band with a full horn section or DJ sound system to fill your dance floor with song for corporate events, festivals, beachside parties and weddings!

Acoustic Trio in Sydney: More Than Just Music

  • Dynamic Performance: Witness the unrivalled synergy of an acoustic singer accompanied by our colourful acoustic trio.
  • Stories in Melody: Our live acoustic sets are interlaced with stories and emotions, not simply songs.
  • Inclusive Experience: Our music guarantees every attendee feels involved, transforming your event into a shared trip.
  • Sydney’s Finest: Our reputation is founded on enthusiasm, devotion, and a focus on producing top-tier results.
  • Effortless Integration: Music becomes an extension of your event’s spirit with Limited Edition Band, providing unique moments and experiences.

Why Choose the Limited Edition Band for Your Special Moments?

Since establishing ourselves in 2013, Limited Edition Band have quickly become one of Australia’s most in-demand cover bands. Our band was founded by The Voice, Australia Semi-Finalist lead singer and presenter Chantelle Morrell, after being mentored by International pop-rock icons The Madden Brothers, Benji and Joel Madden. Why might we be the right fit for your event?

  • A Personal Touch: Every event is unique, so your entertainment should be, too! We tune into that, ensuring our music resonates with your unique story.
  • Experience That Speaks: From intimate gatherings to grand stages in Sydney, our journey has been a lesson in perfection. We bring that expertise to your event.
  • Musical Shades: Pop, RnB, House, Dance, Classics, we do it all!
  • Commitment to You: We don’t just show up; we commit to punctuality, professionalism, and making your event memorable.
  • From Our Heart to Yours: Each song, each chord is a bit of our heart, shared openly with you and your guests.


Personalise Your Lineup! 

  • Acoustic Duo Sydney: Ideal for intimate events, letting the soulful sounds of our Duo create an unforgettable ambience.
  • Acoustic Trio Sydney: A richer sound, perfect for occasions needing that extra touch with the inclusions of Cahon, Violin or Saxophone.
  • Acoustic Wedding Band Sydney: Celebrate love with tunes that touch the soul with a feel good vibe that gets your guests on the dance floor.

With a legacy of nearly a decade, backed by the experience of performing at countless events and venues, we invite you to be part of our musical family.

Ready for an unforgettable musical experience? Let’s create moments that echo in hearts long after the last note fades! Reach out, and let’s make your event unforgettable!


Why Choose Our Acoustic Duo in Sydney?

Choosing the acoustic duo in Sydney from the Limited Edition Band ensures your event stands out with unparalleled entertainment. Our approach recognises the uniqueness of every event, driving us to provide entertainment that mirrors this individuality. 

The Limited Edition Band has carved a niche in the Sydney music scene, synonymous with exceptional musical experiences that resonate with varied audiences. Our philosophy, “Let’s make your event amazing!” encapsulates our commitment to transforming each event into a remarkable experience, highlighting the distinctiveness of every occasion.


A Diverse Catalogue for Every Occasion

Our acoustic duo for hire in Sydney offers a comprehensive catalogue encompassing genres like Pop, RnB, House, Dance, and Classics, ensuring a versatile performance that caters to diverse musical tastes. The ability to curate the setlist according to each client’s preferences signifies our dedication to creating a personalised ambience that reflects your style, taste, and favourite tunes. This adaptability makes our acoustic duo suitable for any event, guaranteeing a performance that resonates with the event’s theme and the audience’s preferences.


Professional and Passionate

Since 2013, our acoustic band in Sydney has emerged as a prominent cover band across Australia, fueled by professionalism and passion. 

The ensemble’s journey began under the aegis of Chantelle Morrell, a semi-finalist from The Voice Australia, whose experience and vision, shaped by the mentorship of international pop rock icons The Madden Brothers, Benji and Joel Madden, have steered the band to notable acclaim. This foundation has honed our musical prowess and cemented our reputation as a passionate and professional group committed to delivering high-quality entertainment.


Events we Service

The Limited Edition Band is renowned for its versatility and ability to stand out as Sydney’s best live band, catering to various events. Our adaptability allows us to provide entertainment ranging from a Soulful Acoustic Duo to an entire 8-piece Live Band with a horn section or a DJ sound system, ensuring your dance floor is always vibrant. We service various events, including corporate gatherings, festivals, beachside parties, and weddings, making every occasion memorable with our dynamic performances.



Our acoustic duo creates an intimate and soulful wedding atmosphere that complements the occasion’s significance.

  • Ceremony: Provide a romantic backdrop with live acoustic music that enhances the emotional moments of your wedding ceremony.
  • Reception: Match the music to reflect the couple’s tastes, creating a personalised soundtrack for the wedding reception.
  • First Dance: Perform a unique rendition of the couple’s chosen song, adding a unique touch to this memorable moment.
  • Background Music: Offer soothing acoustic melodies during dining and conversations, maintaining a pleasant ambience throughout the event.


Corporate Events

Our acoustic duo brings a touch of sophistication to corporate events, suitable for networking, celebrations, or formal gatherings.

  • Product Launches: Create an engaging atmosphere that complements the innovation and excitement of new products.
  • Awards Nights: Deliver an elegant musical experience that aligns with the prestige of award ceremonies.
  • Conferences: Provide ambient music during breaks and networking sessions, enhancing the professional environment.
  • Company Parties: Adapt the playlist to suit the theme and mood of the event, from celebratory to relaxed.


Private Functions

Private functions benefit from our acoustic duo’s personalised and intimate performances, making each event unique and memorable.

  • Anniversaries: Celebrate milestones with music that reflects the individuals’ or organisations’ journey and achievements.
  • Birthday Parties: Enhance the festive atmosphere with live acoustic versions of favourite hits and party classics.
  • Family Gatherings: Bring families closer with soothing and familiar tunes that cater to all ages.
  • Dinner Parties: Provide a sophisticated musical backdrop that complements the culinary experience and conversation.



Parties of all kinds are upgraded with our acoustic duo’s vibrant and engaging performances, ensuring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Theme Parties: Match the music style to the theme, from retro hits for a vintage night to current chart-toppers for a modern vibe.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Spread festive cheer with season-appropriate music, from Christmas carols to Halloween tunes.
  • Beach Parties: Create a relaxed, beachy atmosphere with laid-back acoustic vibes.
  • Dance Parties: Keep the energy high with acoustic renditions of danceable hits that get guests moving.


What Sets Limited Edition Band Apart?

The Limited Edition Band distinguishes itself in the Sydney music scene through its unique blend of professionalism, musical diversity, and personalisation. Our reputation as a premier live music provider is built on delivering high-quality performances across various events, catering to multiple tastes and preferences.


Diverse Music Repertoire

Our band’s diverse music repertoire stands as one of our key differentiators. We cover an extensive range of genres:

  • Genre Versatility: From pop, RnB, house, and dance to classic hits, our selection encompasses various musical styles to suit any event atmosphere.
  • Evolving Playlists: Regularly updated setlists keep our performances fresh and in tune with current trends and classic favourites.
  • Customisable Performances: We engage with our clients to know their preferences and curate performances that reflect their unique tastes and the theme of their event.

This breadth in music selection ensures that we can adapt to and enhance the ambience of any occasion, whether it’s a laid-back acoustic setting or a high-energy dance floor.


High-Quality Performances

The hallmark of the Limited Edition Band is our commitment to high-quality performances, characterised by:

  • Professional Musicianship: Our band members are seasoned professionals skilled in various musical instruments and genres, ensuring a polished and dynamic performance every time.
  • Technical Excellence: We invest in high-quality sound and lighting equipment to provide a seamless, immersive auditory and visual experience.
  • Live Energy: The live performance aspect brings irreplaceable energy and spontaneity to events, engaging audiences and creating memorable experiences.

These elements combine to ensure that every performance is heard and felt, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.


Personal Touch

The personal touch we provide is a cornerstone of our service philosophy:

  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritise adopting the vision and requirements of our clients, matching our services with their event’s goals and expectations.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Our performers are adept at interacting with the audience, creating a connective and interactive experience that boosts the event’s atmosphere.
  • Attention to Detail: From song selection to performance execution, meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the music aligns with the event’s theme and mood.

This focus on personalisation ensures that each event we service is a musical experience that resonates with the client and their guests.


Book Limited Edition Band’s Acoustic Duo Now

Limited Edition Band acoustic duo offers a versatile repertoire for various events, providing a sophisticated and enjoyable atmosphere. For an exceptional musical experience, book our acoustic duo for your upcoming event!





NO WORDS can explain how much we love Limited Edition Band. I knew from the beginning that they were the only band I wanted to play at my wedding. From the ceremony, to canapes and until the end of reception, they brought my dream wedding music to life. My partner and I share the same love for music and Chantelle and her band definitely exceeded our expectations. Chantelle was so easy to communicate with, flexible and was able to accommodate for every request, even if it was last minute. They got guests who do not normally go on the dance floor dancing and singing. I highly recommend them and will definitely hire them again in the future!!!!

Erlle L. Easy Weddings Rating

Absolutely amazing band and talented singers. They bring the best vibe to your event and are so lovely to work with to prepare for your special day. You will not regret booking them. Highly recommend!!

April Tamotu Google Rating

We initially chose Limited Edition Band because they offered something different which really resonated with the brides childhood memories - a DJ band with a singer, an electric violin and saxophone. Chantelle was easy to talk to and was so professional, and the band killed it on the night. Any requests they took in their stride, and our reception wouldn't have been the same without them. Highly recommend!

Shirley & Davie ABIA Rating

First saw Chantelle on social media performing the 'Latch' which would later be the song I walked down the aisle to. Hired Limited Edition Band for our ceremony music and the music was just beautiful. Good communication and very flexible even up to the last minute - would definitely use again and highly recommend !!!!

Razielle M. Easy Weddings Rating

We had Chantelle & Limited edition band perform at our wedding and what can i say.. absolutely AMAZING😊. Chantelles voice is next to none and the communication leading up was so easy and stress free. I would highly recommend Chantelle & Limited Edition band to perform at your function.

Natasha Nedanovska Google Rating


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